No restock.


Brands talk a lot about sustainability, but what does sustainability mean? We want to be honest with you, so here's what it means to us. The fashion industry must reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and do more to preserve the natural world.

It is an unfortunate fact that ethical production comes at a price. At BLVN , we constantly find a balance between our values ​​and our financial capacity to fulfill them.

We're not going to make big claims about how perfect we are, because we're not. We are a small and young brand that works hard to make the best product, at the best price, responsibly. We are constantly reassessing our business practices at every stage, from sourcing and production, to shipping and packaging, and beyond. We use the same philosophy that we would when we train.


Each BLVN product is designed based on various criteria such as performance, aesthetics and having the least environmental impact. In addition, they are products of a single circulation, so they are not replenished.

As a small, independent brand , we may not have the budget to fund huge R&D projects like some of the bigger brands, but we are nimble enough to innovate, adapt and make changes wherever possible.

We produce all of our clothing in very limited runs, and only produce as much as we think we can sell. So unlike some of the big brands, we don't produce much more than we need and we don't restock. We want clothes that last and prevail in your closet. We believe in the future.