Madrid CrossFit Championship

by Joaquín Meroño

Madrid CrossFit Championship returned from September 9 to 11 to Madrid with great force to what was its home, the Caja Mágica, to enjoy a weekend full of CrossFit.

An unbeatable atmosphere showing that the Spanish fans are, by far, the best in Europe . Wherever there is a CrossFit event where a Spanish athlete competes, the Spanish fans are mobilized, as happened in the Lowlands Semifinals, in Amsterdam, or in London.

In addition, the end of the competition was resolved magnificently for BILEVEN, since Aniol Ekai finished in second position on the podium and the Training Culture team, which is made up of Pablo Cazalis and Fabi Beneito , in third position. Mention the very good role that Helena Avendaño performed, despite her inconvenience.

In this edition, the Madrid CrossFit Championship has had Mat Fraser and his training platform HWPO Training in the organization, who have been in charge of all the programming of the final phase .

This is all the information about the largest Crossfit event in Europe, in Madrid.

Madrid CrossFit Championship Classification

Below we show the final classification for the elite categories.


Position Athlete Points
1st Lazar Dukic 🇷🇸 647
2nd Aniol Ekai 🇪🇸 456
3rd David Shorunke 🇬🇧 447
4th Alex Kotoulas 🇬🇷 440
5th Travis Mayer 🇺🇸 436
6th Calum Clements 🇪🇸 427
7th Luka Dukic 🇷🇸 427
8th Nikita Yundov 422
9th Jelle Hoste 🇧🇪 407
10th Martin Raven 🇪🇸 406


Position Athlete Points
1st Emma Tall 🇸🇪 711
2nd Emma Mcquaid 🇮🇪 684
3rd Manon Angonose 🇧🇪 680
4th Valentina Rangel 🇨🇴 649
5th Rebecka Vitesson 🇸🇪 621
6th Lena Richter 🇳🇴 612
7th Anikha Greer 🇨🇦 593
8th Noortje Bleeker 🇳🇱 576
9th Aizhan Zarasova 🇷🇺 570
10th Aimee Cringel 🇬🇧 547


Position Athlete Points
1st CrossFit Oslo 🇳🇴 740
2nd CrossFit Krypton 🇬🇧 686
3rd Training Culture 🇪🇸 680
4th Norce X 🇩🇰 596
5th Butchers Lab 🇩🇰 582

Madrid CrossFit Championship Awards

In total , the brutal figure of €170,000 has been distributed among all the athletes , distributed as follows:

Categories 1st 2nd 3rd
Elite ind. €30,000 €15,000 €6,000
elite teams €20,000 €12,000 €6,000
Masters+35 individual €3,000 €2,000 €1,000
RX equipment €3,000 €2,000 €1,500
Masters +40, +45, +50 €1,000 €500 €300
Other categories Gifts Gifts Gifts