The most common injuries in CrossFit

by Alberto Fernando Martínez

The shoulders, knees and lower back are usually the parts of the body most punished by injuries, as they are present in most of the exercises in the training routine.

Rest, a good warm-up and a correct technique are some of the tips to avoid being a victim of injuries when practicing CrossFit


The rise of CrossFit in recent years, although it has served to make this sport known to many people who now enjoy each of its WODs, has also led to the proliferation of unjustified false myths that end up being attributed to them, such as the case of the high probability of suffering injuries with respect to other sports . Although it has not been shown that CrossFit carries a greater risk of injury , obviously its practice is sometimes affected by one of the great fears of all athletes: injuries .

The parts of the body that most often suffer these injuries are the shoulders, knees and lower back , partly because they are those that are most present in sports routines. If what you want is to spend as little time as possible away from the box due to injury, rest, a good warm-up and doing the exercises with the correct technique and with the right weight are some of the tips when carrying out the workout routine. CrossFit. If the injury finally occurs, a few rehabilitation sessions with physiotherapy professionals will ensure proper recovery from injuries.

The most common CrossFit injuries

Anyone who has attended at least one CrossFit class is aware of the importance of technique and exercise progression . Strength is useless if we do not adopt the proper technique, and in the same way, wanting to run before knowing how to walk can play a trick on us. For this reason, CrossFit coaches and professionals play a fundamental role in each of the training sessions, serving as a guide for athletes.

The correct execution of the exercises will free us from more than one scare, but sometimes it will be inevitable to be injured, and the shoulders, knees, lower back and even the wrists will be the parts of our body where these injuries are most concentrated. Weight lifting and excessive stretching of tendons and ligaments are the main causes of injuries in these areas.

How to prevent injuries

The main step before starting in the world of CrossFit is to be aware of the physical state in which each person is. A medical-physical control will determine the level of our base capacities, in order to be able to increase them from now on. Once we get into the matter, a good warm -up and stretching before starting the CrossFit session will save us some unpleasantness in the form of injury, without forgetting of course the necessary rest that our body demands before and after each training session.

The technique of the exercises is usually underestimated in many cases , but not only a large part of their success resides in it, but also the key to avoiding injuries. The role of professionals in this regard is essential, as they must guide their 'class'. The progression in the intensity of the training is another of the key factors to avoid injuries, since trying to perform exercises with a higher than adequate weight or faster than normal can lead to fearful consequences.

The visit to the physiotherapist will indicate that something has gone wrong in our training, but it will be then when we understand the importance of his work. Rehabilitation will strengthen those affected areas so that recovery from the injury is as effective as possible.

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