The importance of clothing in CrossFit

by Alberto Fernando Martínez

Bileven offers a wide range of clothing aimed at increasing comfort and efficiency during sports training. 

It has been more than demonstrated in recent years that the use of specific garments for the practice, not only of CrossFit , but of any other sports discipline, can improve results both in training and in competitions . It no longer surprises us to see top-level athletes wear jerseys carefully designed to fit their body, taking advantage of every tenth that aerodynamics is capable of lowering the clock.

In the same way, the evolution of CrossFit has gone hand in hand in recent years with the development of the sportswear with which this discipline was carried out. More comfortable and lighter sportswear thanks to which the quality of training can improve. Bileven, the clothing brand for sports with a Murcian label , is a great example of the importance and benefits of wearing appropriate clothing when practicing CrossFit.

Bileven: CrossFit clothing for women and men

This sportswear brand , in addition to offering products aimed at cross training, weightlifting, trail running and fitness, focuses on the discipline of CrossFit, where it has a wide range of CrossFit clothing for women and men that not only meets a few aesthetic functions, but also adds a plus of comfort that can be seen reflected in the quality of training.

The catalog of CrossFit clothing products for women includes everything from sports tops , capable of adjusting to the chest without excessive compression , but with some pressure that serves as support, without forgetting the rest of the unisex garments. The quality of the fabric also marks a point in its favor, since its breathability and elasticity allow a greater range of movement and a correct regulation of body temperature when training.

Nobull: Sponsor of the CrossFit Games

Eric Roza, the new CEO of CrossFit after the departure of Greg Glassman , announced a few days ago the end of Reebok's sponsorship of the brand and the contract, for a period of 3 years, with Nobull. “Nobull is the leading footwear and apparel brand to emerge from the CrossFit ecosystem, which has inspired thousands of companies around the world. Like CrossFit, it means hard work, no excuses or shortcuts. Nobull. CrossFit has a philosophy that is simple, elegant, and amazingly effective at its core. In short, CrossFit runs deep in the blood and culture of Nobull ”, explained the CEO of CrossFit on his social networks.

In addition, the brand has acquired the naming rights of the competition , so as of this year's edition, which began on March 11 with the CrossFit Open , it will be renamed Nobull CrossFit Games .