Dubai Fitness cuts ties with CrossFit

by Joaquín Meroño

The Dubai Fitness Championship , which will be held on December 2-3-4, announced on October 8 that it will no longer be an official CrossFit-licensed event, effective immediately, ending a years-long association with CrossFit. The event will revert to its original name for this year's competition, which is held in December. 2-4.

  • "It is in the best interest of both of us," Saud Alshamsi, director of the Dubai Fitness Championship, said in a statement to Morning Chalk Up.

"It's the best for both of us," Saud Alshamsi, director of the Dubai Fitness Championships, told Morning Chalk Up.

The big picture: Dubai's decision to part ways with CrossFit is based, in part, on it not seeing the return value of the license fee, Alshamsi said, echoing similar concerns shared by semifinal event organizers from North America.

One important thing: Dubai is not only one of the three largest and most significant off-season competitions, but they were also the first sanctioned event announced shortly after the 2018 CrossFit Games as part of the new Sanctioned season structure that was in place. for the 2019 and 2020 Games seasons.

  • Over the past 10 years, the event has made Dubai a fitness hub and destination in the Middle East.

  • Dubai has featured star-studded rosters of former Games champions and sports legends such as Mathew Fraser, Brent Fikowski, Annie Thorisdottir, Patrick Vellner, Sara Sigmundsdottir and Sam Briggs.

  • As one of the biggest and most storied competitions in the off-season, Dubai's decision to part ways could have some implications for other events in similar situations.

  • Although license fees vary depending on the level of association a CrossFit event chooses, it has been reported that events have paid between $25,000 and $50,000 to host a semifinal. The lowest level to be a licensed event is $1,000, which allows the event to use the CrossFit name and logo.