CrossFit Open 2021: qualifier from home

by Alberto Fernando Martínez

The competition, which will take place over three weeks, will allow you to participate from home or in your usual 'CrossFit box'

Fabián Beneito, the current Fittest in Spain, is the main favorite of Spain


On March 11, the CrossFit Open 2021 began, which as a novelty will take place in three weeks (and not five as before), until March 30. It is not the only surprise that this competition holds, because this year, due to the security measures implemented by the covid-19 health crisis, competitors will be allowed to carry out their WODs from home or in their usual 'CrossFit box' . In addition, this edition of the Open, in which Fabián Beneito starts as a favorite in Spain, no longer grants a direct place for the CrossFit Games .

Development and news of the CrossFit Open 2021

The race to the CrossFit Games finals is on. Last week the CrossFit Open began, the online competition in which thousands of athletes from all over the world can participate . The dynamic is simple: CrossFit Games your WOD (Workout of the Day) or series of exercises to perform that week. Each athlete has about 4-5 days to complete them and upload their score to the online platform. The final qualifying position of each of them, in addition to entailing a financial prize , serves to qualify for other sporting events of the CrossFit Games .

This year, the CrossFit Open will take place over three weeks , and not five as usual in previous years. In addition, the organization has allowed, due to the current sanitary conditions, to carry out the WODs both from home and from the usual 'CrossFit box' of each athlete, as well as the option of doing it with or without equipment , even if those who opt for the latter option will not be able to advance in the competition. The participation fee has also undergone a change, since for the first time there are two different prices depending on the continent in which you live, being $20 for the whole world except in Africa and South America, where the price is $15 .

But without a doubt, the most significant change in this edition is that it no longer grants a direct place for the final phases of the CrossFit Games , being the Regionals or Sanctioned Events the next competitions to which you have access if you pass the Open successfully.

compete from home

Accessibility has become one of the main objectives of the CrossFit Games this year, and for this reason they have decided to offer athletes the possibility of competing both in their usual 'CrossFit box' and from home, requiring equipment consisting of a dumbbell (weight) a bar with discs, a box, a jump rope and a pull up bar. "Last year has been very difficult for everyone, so we want to start this 2021 season with an attractive and more accessible Open that can meet the needs of all athletes in the world," says Dave Castro, who replaced Greg Glassman as president. of the CrossFit brand, and who has now been succeeded by Eric Roza.

The Spanish CrossFit pays attention to Fabián Beneito

The Spanish athlete who starts as the favorite to take first place in the CrossFit Open is Fabián Beneito , current Fittest in Spain, whom many begin to compare with Mat Fraser , recognized as the best CrossFit athlete in history. After becoming the first professional CrossFit athlete in Spain , Beneito has a successful career ahead of him in this sport.

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