Build what you want to see

by Joaquín Meroño

Working for an American multinational in a practically civil servant position with automated tasks was not my dream job. This was my life, hooked on what is called the hamster wheel that I realized I was not born for. A monotonous and goalless professional life that did not align with the type of nonconformist person that I am. A constant ambition due to the desire to improve, learn and explore new experiences, that is why I started Bileven.

My knowledge of clothing at that time was zero, I only had marketing and design ideas and, I think, acceptable criteria in terms of fashion references. Without thinking much about what I could lose, I jumped in, believing more in what I could gain. Quit my boring job.

With time, dedication and results I combined both jobs, until that dinner in Madrid. It was with my former boss at the Marca newspaper and also an entrepreneur, Pablo Berraondo, who encouraged me to leave my job and dedicate myself 100% to the project. This happened in June 2021.

“Build what you want to see,” a phrase that I internalized to get out of the rut. It was the decision of which I am most proud and one of the ones that has made me feel happiest. If you find yourself in a similar situation, just do it.

We want to be sufficiently prepared, trained and we prolong the decision to an infinite point. Because it's never the perfect time. Most people use learning as a way to feel good about making progress when, in reality, they are not learning or making progress. If you don't have a project, business or purpose to apply what you learn, you are lost.

And it will be difficult, but it will be what you want it to be. You will encounter critics and detractors, people who think differently and prefer not to make the same decisions, but if you trust your idea you have to go all out. Not all opinions have the same value. It's something I apply myself to.

My job as a founder is to continue believing in my idea, especially when others don't.

You're crazy, until you're right.

*Bileven's first stand at the Madrid Championship (Ciudad Real) with friends who helped me. It was incredible and I knew that at some point we would remember the photo with nostalgia.

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