Improve the future

How we plan to improve the future

At BLVN , we constantly find a balance between our values ​​and our financial ability to deliver on sustainability , reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and do more to preserve the natural world.

BLVN Ideas

We are a small, young brand that works hard to make the best product, at the best price, responsibly , without losing quality in both the product and the service we offer. We like to keep what we promise .

We are constantly re-evaluating our business practices at every stage, from sourcing and production, to shipping and packaging. We use the same philosophy as when we train.

Materials and design

Each BLVN product is designed based on several criteria such as performance, aesthetics and having the least environmental impact . In addition, they are single-run products, so they are not replaced.

As a small, independent brand, we may not have the budget to fund large R&D projects like other larger brands, but we are agile enough to innovate , adapt and make changes wherever possible.

Progress in perspective

All of our clothing is made with intention, designed to be part of your rotation as a treasured and loved item, creating long-term joy and value .

Our collections are very limited, and we only produce as much as we think we can sell . We work with the idea that nothing stays on the warehouse shelves and has daily use so that it does not end up in a landfill.

So, unlike some big brands, we don't produce much more than we need and we don't replenish stock. We want clothes that last and prevail in your closet .

Close the circle

The last phase is when our clothing reaches the community of athletes through our transport agency, and doing so with minimal CO2 emissions and in a green way is quite a challenge.

Climate Protect It is GLS's environmental strategy that is concerned about the environmental footprint and making shipments more sustainable until reaching 0 emissions before 2045 .

We believe in the future.