New drop in June

by Joaquín Meroño

What is creativity? I think being disruptive, different and original. Difficult to reach and in need of an impulse called inspiration.

Inspiration doesn't appear every day, but it's about integrating a daily rhythm of discipline to make things happen. One day you spend ten hours trying to achieve something and, perhaps, the best decision is to stop, because the next day in ten minutes you achieve the same thing. The brain is capricious like that.

Sometimes inspiration can be confused with copy. There is a fine line to fall into the trap. This is what sometimes happens between brands in the same sector, I prefer to avoid naming, but the community is intelligent.

Creativity and originality is an option. Having people who value your ideas and recognize the work you do every day with dedication is a true privilege and pride.

For the semifinals of the CrossFit Games we will launch a special drop of two t-shirts, one with Training Culture with a design focused on Lyon and another from Bileven globally. I hope you like them :)

And there is already a date for the next drop, it will be in June. You have been able to see some details of a piece on Instagram. As always, everything will be limited edition and stock will never be restocked, so stay tuned. This collection will be very important because it can mark the end of an era for the brand. As I already mentioned, a future with changes is coming, betting on creativity, quality and design.

PS: For those who understand the world differently.

This is for you.

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