Training Culture, the best CrossFit program you can do

by Joaquín Meroño

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Training Culture is the best CrossFit program that you can do whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete. An obvious example of this is the recognized athletes that the brand takes every year to the best CrossFit events in the world and to the podium positions. that they get.

Located in Donosti, Spain, new technologies bring athletes from all over the world closer to their program directed by coach Mikel Izquierdo and Alexander Anasagasti. Athletes like Fabi Beneito, Aniol Ekai, Helena Avendaño, Pablo Cazalis, Oihana Moya, Calum Clements, Alexia Williams (LATAM) and many more belong to the TC family.

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Can you become the fittest person in Spain?


When you get together with a great coach, a great system and you have perseverance and blind faith in it, the results come. I have managed to be the fittest person in Spain and I don't have any special gifts. Of course, I have trained the right way for a long time. I have been constant and I have let myself be guided. If you trust me, I'm sure I can bring out the best in you.

Mikel is a great coach who has been working with elite athletes from different disciplines for many years.

« I have spent my entire career in the world of CrossFit working with him, and between the two of us we have designed a system that has taken me to the Regionals and Games. We believe we can do the same for you. We love helping people reach their full potential, bring out their best version. We think that you should only worry about training, we will take care of planning for you. «

Trust us to improve your performance, your lifestyle, your path...


“Knowing everything we can do with behavior, we understand that psychology plays a fundamental role in sport.”

Sports psychology is the science that studies behavior in a sports environment. When we refer to behavior we refer to running, jumping, doing a heavy lift, performing 25 muscle ups, thinking, feeling... It is important to know that all this endless number of infinitives is behavior, since as it is studied from psychology , they can be modified, deleted or created.

We know that this is a sport that demands many physical needs, that is why we hire a coach; We also look for a nutritionist so we can perform at 100% and have gas and of course, look for a good physiotherapist when something fails at a muscular level, but what about our psychological needs?

“Have you ever heard “this world is mental”? "Probably that wod had a demand that you have not known how to control."

On many occasions we refer to the “mental” when it is beyond our control to not understand why we have not finished that wod, why we have been one repetition away from finishing it or why, knowing that we had more in the "tank" we did not dare to grab the bar We try to control all of this and find solutions with the tools that Sports Psychology provides us.

Individual monitoring

The training sessions are constantly distributed online along with feedback from your trainers, tailored to you and working on your needs based on your strengths and weaknesses. You will always have your coach at your disposal.

Science and Sports

The basis of our planning is scientific, not trial and error. Under the slogan "No brain, no gain" we want to make you work hard but intelligently, taking advantage of the advantages that science can give us.

Proven results We are Regional Athletes. When our planning is followed, respecting order, continuity and timing, an Athlete's ability to compete is maximized. The program is designed for healthy living in addition to athletic success. STEADY IMPROVEMENT Have you been training for a long time and not improving as much as you expect? Are you stuck? Are your weaknesses not improving? Do your efforts bear little fruit? Training well is not easy, interference exists. The old slogan of “No Pain, No Gain” is not entirely true. More is not always better, Better is Better. Let us guide you. We have a training system that we will adapt to your sports planning, applying all our knowledge. It already works with us. By training hard, but intelligently, we have become Regional Athletes. Trust us, we won't let you down.