CrossFit 2023 Semifinals: Berlin

by Joaquín Meroño

CrossFit has announced all the details about the NOBULL CrossFit Games 2023 semifinals, when they are, how many athletes pass and the prizes

What are the CrossFit Semifinals?

The Semifinals are in-person competitions, some are organized by CrossFit, in which the TOP Quarterfinals athletes receive a direct invitation to participate in the CrossFit Games.

When are the CrossFit semi-finals?

From May 18 to June 4, the semifinals of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games will determine who will be invited to compete in the grand finals in Madison, Wisconsin.

Ordered by continents, there will be a total of 7 events distributed over 3 weeks. North America will be the only region to host two events. The rest only one.

Some of the events will be operated entirely by CrossFit. In others, they will have the help of organizations to carry them out, but always under their programming.

Week 1

  • May 18-21, North America (East): Orlando, FL (Orange County Convention Center – West Concourse, USA).

  • May 19-21, Africa: REBEL Renegade Games (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg).

Week 2

  • May 25-28, North America (West): Pasadena, CA (Pasadena Convention Center, USA).

  • May 26-28, Oceania: Torian Pro (Pat Rafter Arena – Brisbane in Queensland, Australia).

  • May 26 to 28, South America: South Cup (Arena Carioca 1 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Week 3:

  • June 1-4, Europe Semifinal: Berlin , Germany (Max-Schmeling-Halle). Here we will see all the Spanish athletes.

  • June 2-4, Asia: Far East Throwdown (Bexco in the Republic of Korea).

We leave you the link to purchase tickets to access each of the CrossFit semifinals in person.

What awards do athletes compete for?

We recommend our article on how much CrossFit athletes earn so you can contextualize it. The most important thing is to get a place in the Games , but the best athletes also receive the following financial prizes:

1st – $5000
2nd – $4000
3rd – $3000
4th – $2000
5th – $1000

What new features do the semifinals present in 2023?

Thanks to last season's evaluation, the most important changes for 2023 are:

  • There will be seven regions in which athletes will be placed based on their country. Athletes will know which region they will compete in at the time of registration for the Open.

  • CrossFit will schedule all events for the entire season, including the semi-finals . In this way they standardize each of them.

  • Individual and team athletes from the same affiliate will compete in the same semifinal.

  • The number of places for the final phase will have a minimum of athletes . The rest of the places will be awarded according to their new classification system.

How many athletes advance to the semifinals in CrossFit?

From the quarterfinals of the 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games, they qualify:

  • Top 60 men, 60 women and 40 teams in the North America East, North America West and Europe semi-finals.

  • The best 30 men, 30 women and 20 teams in each of the semifinals in Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America.

That is, a total of 300 men, 300 women and 200 teams.

How many athletes qualify for the 2023 CrossFit Games?

According to their region, from the semifinals, they qualify:

  • North America (East and West) and Europe : Top 5 individual athletes (by gender) and top 10 teams.

  • Oceania : top 3 individual athletes and top 3 teams.

  • South America : top 2 individual athletes and top 2 teams.

  • Asia : top 2 individual athletes and top 2 teams.

  • Africa : the best male and female athlete, and the best team.

It must be taken into account that with the new world classification system, these indicated places will be the minimum to be filled directly.

The rest of them, up to 40 athletes and 30 teams, will be covered based on the growth and participation of each region.

How to watch the CrossFit semifinals in 2023?

More details about this final phase will be announced soon.

As for the 2023 schedule, the season begins on February 16, 2023 with the CrossFit Open. The CrossFit Games will last six days in their final year in Madison, from where they will move to Alabama in 2024.